Diary Dates

Everything we do at West Hill is based on these three pillars:
Nurture & Inclusivity, Creativity & Curiosity, Performance & Progress

Image of 2 girls are sitting at a desk in a bus looking at a book with their class teacher.

From the moment you walk through the doors at West Hill Primary School, you can feel the passion for learning, a willingness to embrace new challenges and a clear nurturing ethos.

Image of a girl is wearing a yellow apron and is holding a paintbrush and looking at her painting.

At West Hill the happiness and success of each child is of paramount importance to us. We are a school where every child is valued as an individual and each child is encouraged to do their very best by taking part in a wide range of exciting creative learning experiences.

Image of two pupils are sitting together at a desk making an electrical circuit

Our approach to learning means that West Hill pupils make excellent progress and achieve high results, yet they are also compassionate, confident individuals who are ready to take on the challenges of life. At the heart of everything we do at West Hill is a ‘can do’ attitude. We never say we ‘can’t do’ something, we say ‘we can’t do it yet’.

Image of Two boys are holding virtual reality kits to their faces and looking up

Our talented staff at West Hill school are dedicated to delivering an imaginative and rich curriculum. All learning uses an ‘enquiry approach’ and starts with questions and the individual curiosity of the child.