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West Hill Primary School is a vibrant, welcoming and safe learning community in which the children and staff are encouraged and enabled to reach their full potential.

We as school governors are proud to be associated with West Hill and very committed to continually raise the school’s high standards. We fulfil our duties by advising, challenging and supporting the Head teacher and the Senior Leadership Team, monitoring activities and progress in school, and visiting the school during school hours.

We aim to develop a good understanding between home, staff and governors for the benefit of our pupils. If you would like to learn more about the role of the governors then please get in touch with us through the school office.

The governing body of West Hill Primary School has two sub-committees:

  • Curriculum Committee
  • Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee
Richard MilsomHeadteacher
Emma Anderson Staff Governor, elected by West Hill staff 18/07/22
Vice Chair of the Curriculum Committee
Hi, I’m Emma Anderson, I am the staff governor. I work part-time in the Admin team at West Hill. I taught Drama in a Secondary setting for 12 years, as a; Head of Dept, a Pastoral Lead, and a Coach supporting the teaching and learning. As well as being a governor in a Primary school and Union officer in NEU. I left teaching to pursue Playwriting and I recently completed an MA in Writing (Stage & Broadcast Media) at CSSD.
With my varied skill set and my working knowledge of the school I will be joining the governors as they challenge and support the school to ensure it is doing the best for all the pupils at West Hill, and giving an active voice to the staff. In my spare time I enjoy the theatre, embroidery and a good book.
Tamazin SteeleCo-chair of Governors;
Co-opted Governor, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, re-elected for a 4-year term, effective 10/07/23
Appointed by the Governing Body
My name is Tamazin Steele and I was appointed to the Board of Governors in July 2019 as one of the Co-opted Governors. I taught in a local secondary school for over 15 years and want to bring that expertise and knowledge to West Hill Primary School to help ensure that all the children attending receive an appropriate and supportive education.
I currently work with newly qualified teachers across England and in my spare time enjoy running and spending time with my three children.
Matthew Halliday Co-chair of Governors,Co-opted Governor, elected for a 4 year term, effective 4/10/21
Member of the Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee
Hello, I am Matthew Halliday and I have been a Co-opted Governor at West Hill since October 2021.

As a solicitor dealing with international corporate matters, I bring experience in effective governance and risk management to my role as a governor. I hope to use these skills in supporting the school with continually raising its high standards for the benefit of all pupils.

In my spare time, I can often be found out cycling or running, though mostly to enjoy the cooking and eating afterwards.
Charley PhillipsCo-opted Governor, re-elected for a 4-year term, effective 10/7/23
Appointed by the Governing Body
Member of the Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee
Hello, my name is Charley Phillips and I am one of the Co-opted Governors at West Hill. I joined the Board of Governors in September 2019 and hope to support the school using my background in education, fundraising and charity work. I previously worked as a secondary science teacher and am currently working for a charity to support science teaching in schools. I hope that I can use this experience to benefit the pupils and teachers at West Hill.
I live locally in Putney and look forward to engaging more in the local community through my governor role. In my free time I enjoy running, cycling and snowboarding.
George WilliamsCo-opted Governor, elected for a 4 year term, effective 4/10/21
Chair of Finance,Personnel and Property Committee
Hello, my name is George Williams and I was appointed as a Co-Opted Governor at West Hill in October 2021.

I work in financial services and have experience of leading large teams and projects in the UK and internationally; Through my experience I have become a passionate advocate for creating inclusive working environments and helping individuals and teams to fulfill their potential. As a governor, I hope to use these skills and knowledge to support and challenge the school so that it can continue to provide the students with the best possible experience.

I recently relocated back to the UK, living locally in Wandsworth borough and I am looking forward to getting involved in the local community. In my spare time I am a huge Manchester City fan, a keen vinyl record collector and a somewhat reluctant runner.
Alexandra StoneCo-opted Governor, elected for a 4 year term, effective 22/03/23
Member of the Curriculum Committee
Edward JoudreyLocal Authority Governor, elected for a 4 year term, effective 1/08/23My name is Edward Joudrey and I was appointed to the Board of Governors as a Co-Opted Governor at West Hill in July 2023. With a diverse international career in leadership roles in financial services, I bring skills in navigating regulated environments to support the effective delivery of long-term strategic goals and financial performance. In my role as a Governor, I hope to use this experience to have an impact and accountability across all aspect of West Hill School Life.
Aaron ShillingfordCo-opted Governor, elected for a 4 year term, effective 5/07/23
Rosie NicksonParent Governor, elected for a 4 year term, effective 10/03/23
Member of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee
Nigel RawsonCo-opted Governor, re-appointed to a 4-year term by the London Borough of Wandsworth, effective 24/3/21
Member of Curriculum Committee.
Resigned efective 31.7.23

Under the new Instrument of Government, approved by Wandsworth Local Authority on 22 May 2015 and which came into effect on 1 June 2015, the Governing Body of West Hill shall consist of:

  • 3 Parent Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Head Teacher
  • 6 Co-opted Governors

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All Governors have signed a Declaration of Interest and do not have any declared interests.

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