Diary Dates

Vision and Mission

Our vision at West Hill is for every child to be:

Ready to learn, Inspired to achieve, Prepared for life

West Hill School seeks to realise the vision of the school by delivering exceptional teaching and learning. Through our creative, inspiring curriculum all children can reach their full potential and leave West Hill prepared for life.

Ready to learn

The vision for the school is based on a set of core values which we focus on each month. We believe that by focussing on these values it will ensure that all children at West Hill school are ready to learn.
The values are:
Hope & Aspiration, Friendship, Resilience, Co-operation, Honesty, Independence, Compassion, Self-belief, Tolerance, Humility and Making Good Choices.

Inspired to achieve

At West Hill all children are inspired to reach their full potential. Teaching and learning is carefully planned to be exciting and engaging. We teach the children to learn from any mistakes and have a growth mindset. This ‘can do’ attitude is at the heart of all our learning at West Hill.

Prepared for life

Children make extremely good progress at West Hill and achieve highly. West Hill pupils develop skills of confidence, resilience, self-belief and a strength of character that stands them in good stead for the next step in their educational journey. Children leave West Hill and move to a wide variety of secondary schools in the independent and state sector.