Diary Dates

Image of Art Week - Japanese inspired bowls, four very colourful finished bowls.

We saw some amazing work being created last week at our annual Art Week , this year all inspired by Japanese art.

Image of Nursery pupil engaing in Art Week inspired by Yayoi Kusama

Nursery were inspired by Yayoi Kusama

Reception created Koinobori fish kites

Image of Reception class's Koinobori fish kites made during Art Week hanging from a line as though they are flying in the air.
Reception class’s Koinobori fish kites

Year 1 were inspired by Hokusai

Image of Year 1 pupil completing Hokusai artwork during Art Week
Year 1’s Hokusai inspired art work

Year 2 created bowls based on Japanese ceramics

Image of Year 2 pupils during Art Week making Japanese inspired bowls.
Year 2 pupils during Art Week making Japanese inspired bowls.
Image of Year 2's  Japanese inspired bowls, four in total.
Finished Year 2 Japanese inspired bowls
Image of Year 2 pupils during Art Week making Japanese inspired bowls.
Painting the finished bowls

Year 3 tried the art of Origami. They made their own paper and then made birds.

Image of Art Week for Year 3 who tried their hand at making Origami. First they make their own paper...
Year 3 making Origami paper…
Art Week - image of four completed Origami birds in colourful paper made by Year 3
used to make Origami birds

Year 4 investigated the importance of koi and goldfish. They designed their fish before using paint and rollers to bring their creations to life.

Image of Year 4 pupil with her sketch  of a Koi.
Image of Year 4 using rollers to paint their fish
Image of Year 4 in action with paint rollers in bright orange paint.

Year 5 looked at Murakami, with Mr Lake’s class using papier mache and Miss Wilson’s class using tee shirts.

Image of Year 5's Murakami artwork - "Mastering the Power"
Image of Year 5 pupils concentrating on their papier mache Murakami art.
Image of Year 5 pupil working on his Murakami tee shirt

Year 6 did their own Manga art, researching the genre on the ipads then creating their own characters.

Image of Year 6 pupil researching Manga artform on iPad.
Image of completed Year 6 Manga artwork.

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