Diary Dates

Year 6 pupils will remember author Lexi Rees visiting us last term. She has been in touch with Mrs Atkin to tell us about an exciting project created by fellow teen author Kathryn Evans.

This is her message:

‘I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with a way to help the thousands of you now suddenly off school for who knows how long. A big part of my job as a writer is going into schools and talking to young people about the themes of my books and creative writing. I already miss the challenging questions, the cheeky interruptions, the INCREDIBLE ideas and enthusiasm.

Last night, I was writing to some of my Book Pen Pal schools with a heavy heart. My role in that organisation is to recommend books to encourage children to read for pleasure. I love being part of it but I felt I couldn’t recommend a book that so many children would not be able to get hold of – schools and libraries have closed and not everyone has spare cash, for books, especially now so many are temporarily out of work.

My book pen pal suggestion, earlier in March, was The Diary of Anne Frank. I read it recently and was struck but how completely ordinary it was and yet completely captivating. I really felt I knew that young woman, through her writing, and it’s such a precious document of a horrible time. It gave me an idea.

Instead of reading a book, let’s write one. Together.

I will collate and edit the entries and produce a book at the end of this dreadful time.

Every child that sends me a diary or diary entry will, at the very least, have their name mentioned in the book.’

Kathryn has set up a brand new website, click here, to give you all the information about how to join in with this exciting project. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Let’s write a diary!

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