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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

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More About What We Do

At West Hill we offer a broad, creative and diverse curriculum which drives curiosity for knowledge and which reflects the society we live in. Everything we do at West Hill Primary is based on our three pillars: Creativity and Curiosity, Nurture and Inclusivity, Attainment and Progress.

Provide a broad and balanced curriculum
• Know that creativity is vital to ensure that we develop artistic, creative learners for the future
Recognise that all pupils are individuals. We support their personal learning journey
• Celebrate the diverse community at West Hill School
• Promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing
• Understand the importance of nurture and inclusion
Ensure that all pupils reach their full potential
• Enable progress in all areas of learning

We teach the foundation subjects (Art, DT, Music, Geography, History, PSHE, RE and Computing) through a topic-based approach to learning. Meaningful links are made between subjects and each lesson starts with a question. This affords pupils the opportunity to develop their questioning skills and put their enquiring minds right at the centre of the learning. This enables children to learn skills and make links between their learning.

At West Hill we recognise the importance of all subjects across the National Curriculum. We foster strong links with Wandsworth creative arts team, the Wandsworth Music service, and Wandsworth Sports services. We provide pupils with a curriculum, which celebrates all areas of learning.

As a Nurturing school we recognise the importance of the six Nurture principles. Nurture at West Hill involves listening carefully to pupils and responding appropriately, focusing on building self-esteem and confidence so that all children feel valued, respected and belong to the school community.
Pupil well-being is at the forefront of our ethos. Our school motto: ‘Ready to learn, inspired to achieve, prepared for life’ encapsulates this.

These principles are evident in our teaching of the curriculum and are at the heart of our curriculum. Our weekly PSHE and Values Assemblies recognise that development of a child’s personal and social qualities are equally important to ensure that pupils leave our school with the skills of empathy, compassion, resilience, honesty and respect.

We enrich learning within each topic and inspire children to want to find out more by planning school trips, visitors and workshops. These trips and visits underpin the topics and set the children’s learning into real life contexts, helping them to make sense of it. Home learning projects and homework tasks also enhance our topic outcomes and achievements; children go home inspired by their learning, wanting to delve deeper and find out/do more!

The early skills of reading and writing are the vital building blocks for all learning. At West Hill we follow the Read Write Inc phonics approach in Early Years and Foundation stage and Key Stage 1.

We recognise that pupils at West Hill primary school need rich and varied language development opportunities. It is vital to develop their vocabulary to ensure that they make good progress in their writing skills. We use the Talk 4 Writing programme to expand pupil’s vocabulary and support the writing process.

Our approach to a language rich curriculum is also central to our Mathematics curriculum. We follow the White Rose Maths Mastery curriculum from Nursery through to Year 6. This ensures that all of our pupils develop a deep understanding of number and mathematical concepts and work towards true ‘mastery’ of number.

Please have a look at our Knowledge Organisers. These outline the key facts for our topics.

Reading is at the core of your child’s learning journey. Please have a look at our Reading Ladder which shows how your child’s learning progresses from Nursery to Year 6.