Diary Dates


At West Hill, we follow a progressive spelling curriculum, based upon the needs of our children and current statutory requirements, which is designed to raise expectations and overall attainment in spelling. We want our children to become fluent and effective writers; accurate spelling is a means to that end. Our aim is that West Hill pupils become competent spellers to enable them to channel their time and energy into the skills of composition, sentence structure and precise word choice.

Phonics and spelling is taught in all years across the school using the Review/Teach/Practise/Apply sequence.

In the EYFS and Year 1 RWI SSP programme is taught explicitly. From Year 2 and through KS2 Spelling Shed resources are adapted to the sequence and teaching format of West Hill to enable children to understand the structure and pattern of words. Spelling lessons take place three times a week in KS2 and the focus is enveloped into other lessons throughout the learning period, to support the appropriate application as oppose to learning by rote out of context.

Every classroom at West Hill Primary has a RWI speed sounds chart displayed which all staff use to support spelling along with the common exception words and spelling rule. In addition, all children should have an accessible dictionary and thesaurus to hand. Pupils also have access to the Spelling Shed at home and the range of learning strategies which have been taught in school.

Spelling skills progression is included in writing skills progression document.