Diary Dates


At West Hill Primary School we believe we learn about ourselves through the examination of past events through enquiry, critical thinking, developing a historical perspective and understanding of chronological narratives.

To ensure that children engage in a History curriculum that is relevant and coherent, our History topics are designed to match the needs of our pupils and build on their lives and experiences, taking into account the rich and varied diverse community that we serve.

To ensure our History Curriculum provides excellence in teaching and learning, it is taught progressively through a range of topics across and within year groups. This gives depth to pupils’ learning and enables all children to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills as stated in the National Curriculum.

Within each topic, carefully mapped historical skills ensure progression from EYFS to Year 6, taking care to ensure that these skills run through all lessons and are taught through the historical knowledge being learned.

The topics are structured through questioning and enquiries, inviting all pupils to explore their curiosity and the opportunity to present their own ideas about their knowledge and understanding of the past.

Our history curriculum is designed to ensure appropriate diversity in the significant figures that children learn about. Teachers plan and teach for the varying needs of all learners, differentiating activities where appropriate and required.

Our history curriculum is also enhanced with annual events being commemorated throughout the school, through lessons, circle times and assemblies. Teachers deliver our curriculum with an enthusiasm for curiosity, encouraging the children to express their views, feelings and opinions on the knowledge they have gained and to search for answers in varying sources.