Diary Dates

During keeping safe week Reception participated in a variety of activities. They said:

We learnt how to cross the road safely
We read the book The Colour Monster
We learnt about the calm (green) colour monster and learnt some techniques to calm us down when we are feeling unsettled
We created a calming area where we go to relax and chill before continuing with our learning
We also engaged in relaxing activities such as planting

The children said about the ‘calming area’
Amaya: “It’s for one person, because if you are a little bit sad you sit and hold a toy and think.”
Latifa: “So I can be calmer, relax, close my eyes and hear the birds.”
Sadiq:“If it’s too loud I wear the head phones.”
Terekiel:“If you actually get sad and angry, sit on the calm chair.”

About Road Safety Ezra said:
“You need to say, stop, look, listen, think.”

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