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Hi I’m Lola Corsan and I’m the Year 6 teacher and Computing Lead at West Hill School.

I also enjoy teaching maths and have loved being a part of introducing ‘Teaching for Mastery’ into our school to make maths more fun and exciting for children throughout the school!

In my spare time I love listening to music, eating good food and going on long walks. I love being active and enjoy playing tennis, football and netball.


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iPad's help with research
E-Safety is at the forefront of all computing lessons here at West Hill School. We think it is especially important to teach our children how to use technology safely and respectfully. We hold an E-Safety week each year which consists of lots of fun activities for the children, as well as coffee mornings for the parents to help educate all on how they can protect themselves and others online. Teachers deliver an E-safety lesson at the beginning of each half term and refer to this throughout their lessons.

The computing curriculum at West Hill School offers lots of exciting opportunities for our children. We have a wealth of digital equipment which is successfully used by our teachers to enable the children to express themselves and develop their ideas through technology. With over 60 iPads available each day we are also able to link computing with other subjects, which has helped revolutionise the work that the children are able to produce daily.

Our EYFS teachers offer plenty of opportunities for the children to explore technology, even from a young age. Both Nursery and Reception children have permanent computers available for them to use throughout the day. The children have access to programmes such as ‘CBeebies’ and ‘simple paint’ where they are able to develop their skills. Also available to our early years pupils are our Blue-bots (robots designed for use by young children). These help to develop computational thinking amongst even our youngest children and offer plenty of fun!

Our KS1 children are encouraged to become more independent, creative and confident through the use of different apps on the iPads. The teachers use apps, such as ‘expeditions’, to act as a stimulus for their learning. In year one and two the children are introduced to the idea of an ‘algorithm’ and through different software like ‘espresso’ the children can get their first real glimpse into coding. The children also have lots of fun practising these skills on our KS1 Bee-Bot robots.

In KS2 the computing curriculum offers a wide variety of skill-building activities including creating websites, inputting data and coding. The children are able to create their own games and share these with their friends. To develop computational thinking the children are given opportunities to use spheros (robots designed for use by older children). These require more commands and complex computational thinking than the robots used by our younger children. Through the use of apps like green screen our children are also able to become young producers creating their own mini-videos and films.