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Miss Sam Wilson


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Hi, I’m Sam. I am the maths coordinator at West Hill Primary School.

I oversee all the maths learning that happens across the school. I like to think of fun and creative ways of teaching maths in the classroom.

When I am not at work, I enjoy doing yoga, cooking and discovering exciting things to see and do in London.


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Maths is fun!
At West Hill, we have adopted a teaching for mastery approach to our maths learning across the whole school. Teaching for mastery is based on the principles and research of Singapore maths, which is one of the top performing countries for mathematics.

At West Hill, we believe that every child has the potential to be a ‘master’ of maths. We structure our lessons to support and challenge all children, using carefully selected resources and questioning to secure understanding. Our aim is for children to have a deep and adaptable understanding of maths which enables them to solve problems. We work closely with the South West London Maths Hub and other local schools to ensure the highest quality maths provision for our pupils.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, maths is learnt through a mixture of play and physical resources. However, this doesn’t just stop in Early Years.

We believe it is important that all children from years 1-6 use physical resources, visual representations and draw models to support their learning before being able to move onto more abstract methods.

In addition to their daily maths lesson, each class has daily maths meetings that keep the children’s maths skills fresh. Weekly times table tests and Big Maths tests are also carried out each week.

We ask parents to take an active part in their children’s mathematical development and encourage parents to support their children with activities undertaken at home.