French Coordinator

Mrs Wanda Shaw
Mrs Wanda Shaw


Teacher profile

Hello, I’m Wanda Shaw a teacher and the lead for French. This is my fourth year at West Hill and I previously taught Year 4 and Year 1.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, eating and laughing. I like taking advantage of all that London has to offer and love visiting art galleries and museums and walking by the river.


Image of Two Key Stage 2 pupils using a computer programme to help them with their work.
We learn French!
At West Hill, pupils start learning French in Year 3

They follow a scheme of work called Rigolo. They learn vocabulary and grammar through interactive activities with an emphasis on the correct pronunciation and intonation. This enables them to
• engage in conversations with increasing confidence, describing people, places and things
• explore patterns and sounds in French through songs and rhymes
• read and write showing understanding of the language
• understand and recognise how to use grammar when reading, writing and speaking.