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Parent and Carer Workshops

image of parents at a maths workshop

We hold regular coffee mornings for parents and carers to support our children's learning and our families' well being.

Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic we held regular coffee mornings for parents on a variety of subjects including Phonics, Mental Health, Online Safety and Maths Mastery. We have now resumed our programme of coffee mornings this Autumn Term. Please check our calendar to find out what’s on. You can find useful resources from these coffee mornings further down this page.


In May Mrs Atkin held a coffee morning about how science is all around us. We had great feedback from parents:

“I was given great ideas of how I can think of science in more fun ways.”

“I found this coffee morning very useful. I think it gives me different ideas to teach my children.”

“Thank you very much for your great work.”

In January Mrs Squire and Miss Bates held a coffee morning about the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test and how to help your child with Phonics. We had very positive feedback from our parents who attended:

“Helpful to know terms/phrases used at school so I can use at home.”

“Loved the phonics session. Please keep up the good work.”

“Very useful for me as English is not my mother tongue.”

“Great to see how pasionate Mrs Squire and Miss Bates are.”

In November Mrs Squire held a coffee morning on how to help your Early Years child learn. 24 parents attended and had the following comments:

“Very useful information, good tips that I will try at home.”
“I enjoyed the session and was made aware of the importance of doing craft activities to develop fine motor skills.”
“The art and craft starter pack given out was a great idea.”

In November Miss Wilson held a Maths coffee morning for KS1 parents. It was another well attended coffee morning and the feedback was very positive.

“Very useful to understand what and how they are learning.”

“I now know how to help my son in the right way.”

“Really good to see how groups of numbers and bonds can start to help the children understand maths problems.”

“Extremely useful; I have a better understanding of what I can do to help with maths.”

In October one of our coffee mornings was about how to help your child with KS2 Maths. It was really well attended and the feedback was fantastic.

“Very helpful, at least we know what methods our kids are using in schools.”

“Good resources and clear and easy to understand.”

“Very helpful to understand methods used in school.”

“It was helpful to use the methods at home with my child.”

Our Read, Write, Inc and Phonics Coffee Morning was really well attended in September and feedback from parents was again very positive.

“ This was an excellent session and I’m really pleased that I attended. I have learnt a few skills to use in reading.”

“ It was so great to hear Mrs Squire talk so passionately about the children and phonics.”

“ Very simple explanation and useful for every parent.”

The ‘Nurturing Your Child’ Coffee Morning shared the school’s approach to Nurture and how the principles underpinned the school’s pillars (Nurture & Inclusivity, Creativity & Curiosity, Performance & Progress).  The feedback from parents was very positive.

“It was very informative and I really enjoyed (it). I really took a few tips with me.”

“Positive, helpful. I liked the format – interactive, inspiring. Discussing with other parents. Nice to meet other parents in our community.”

“The meeting today was very informative and enjoyable. Think it would be positive for the for the school to be more inclusive in celebrations of all i.e. Christmas, EID, Remembrance Day etc. Help to understand and accept differences.”

“Positive informations for us.”

“Very helpful to talk about issues. Knew it already but session reinforced what I’m doing is ok: shut off technology especially You Tube; everything in moderation eg diet etc. I feel more informed about school’s approach to mental health and well-being.”

“Very informative. As a new parent to the school, nice to know that there is the structure in place.”