Diary Dates

We are holding a Safer and Better Internet Coffee Morning for Parents and Carers on Tuesday 11th of February from 9.00-10.00am.

Come and find out about keeping your children safe on the internet, how to have conversations about using mobile technology and what you as a parent /carer can do to support your child’s learning.

Come and find out about how your child is supported to: keep safe, be responsible, be respectful, be critical, be creative in the online world.
Come and find out about avatars: how they are used, what they might or might not say about an individual’s information, who they are, what they represent.

Come and find out about ‘apps’ the legal age ranges and appropriate use, parental controls and much more.

Come and Continue the conversation about using internet technology

Global Safer Internet Day- Tuesday February 11th 2020
Together for a better internet

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