Diary Dates

Image of a world map being created by Noor in Year 6

We have had some lovely photos this week from the classrooms and playgrounds. We welcomed back Year 5 who have been artists in the playground and back to English lessons in the classroom, amongst many others. Reception have been investigating ‘Underwater’ and have been learning abour sharks and whales. Year 6 have been inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s Kensuke’s Kingdon to create all sorts of animals, writing and maps. They have also continued with their ‘wildlife documentaries’ using green screen technology. Year 1 continue to monitor their plants as they grow higher and higher!

At home we have loved seeing Manahil’s letter to Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Salah’s letter to Ian Wright; also Jehanzaib’s , Alessandro’s, Otis’s , Djuliette’s, Nader’s and Naser’s creativity at home. We love Rahmah’s and Jehanzaib’s pancakes too! It has also been very lovely to see all the work done by Djuliette and Jonathan at home which spans many topics and skills. Zakaria has done amazing diagrams showing his knowledge of the digestive system and volcanoes. Levi is writing a lot and keeping active. We are so proud of all our West Hillians!

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