Diary Dates

Celebrating progress

We have many ways of celebrating the progress of our pupils whether it’s for academic progress, sporting achievement or making a positive contribution to the West Hill community.

We have a weekly assembly where we give out Star of the Week certificates to those pupils who have done something outstanding that week and invite parents into school to celebrate their child’s achievements.

In English we also celebrate our Reading Stars for those pupils who have demonstrated progress in their reading and those who have worked hard on their handwriting and write beautifully will be awarded a pen licence so that they write in pen rather than pencil.

For parents and carers we have two formal consultations a year to discuss your child’s progress, with the opportunity for a third informal meeting at the end of the school year. During the year, if we think a child has achieved something special in any aspect of their school life, we send a special postcard home to celebrate that achievement.

We also invite parents and carers into the school during the summer term to have a look at their children’s books with their child, so they can see what how they have been progressing and how their work is marked. We have had some lovely feedback:

“I was very impressed with my child’s English book. He has progressed well in his standard of writing and it has been acknowledged by his teacher.” (Year 5 parent)

“I am so proud of the work and progress he is making. I feel the support of wonderful teachers and TA has really helped him with his confidence which is amazing!” (Year 5 parent)