Diary Dates

Nurture & Inclusivity

At West Hill we truly understand that in order for pupils to be ‘Ready to Learn’ there are many factors that need to be in place. We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Nurture Schools Award for 2021-24.

We are reflective practitioners who encourage pupils to be curious and to build resilience.

We encourage our pupils to attempt challenges by breaking them down into smaller steps and thinking about what prior knowledge they already have. This increases the confidence to give a task a go before asking for help from the class teacher.

We embed the six principles of nurture into our pillars and values and pupils have weekly PSHE lessons to discuss and explore linked themes. Please watch the Nurture UK video about West Hill to find out more

Feedback from Staff

Oscar: Nursery Teacher
My role within school is to develop community links which is particularly important for EYFS.
Transition is a huge part of the framework for EYFS, if you plan and prepare for change then children feel confident and supported and safe.

Isaac: Learning Mentor
Using positive language and phrases can help a child to be calm and reconnect with their learning environment.

Kanwal: Teacher
I follow all the six principles of nurture and encourage my team and children to use the language around these principles by leading them as their role model. Children in my class feel safe and they are confident that we are listening to not only their spoken words but also their unspoken words that they are using in the forms of actions and behaviour.

Jenny: Admin Officer
Engaging with the children we come into contact with is so important, so that they feel that every adult in school is part of their community, is interested in them and wants them to feel safe and supported.