Diary Dates

The Lifelong Learning team is continuing to offer a remote service to parents and carers, with an emphasis on:- personal development courses to improve skills for work; courses for those who have become unemployed; ICT/digital skills; English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL); improving maths and English; and, wellbeing classes as well such as mindful yoga.
Courses are provided directly through the Lifelong Learning team or through a commissioned partner such as South Thames College.
Current information on all courses offered by the Lifelong Learning team can be accessed here –Lifelong Learning Online Courses. To access the main website – www.wandsworthlifelonglearning.org.uk
Details of adult education courses offered by the South Thames College can be found here – Short Adult Education Courses in Tooting & Wandsworth, London – South Thames College (stcg.ac.uk)
There may be support for adults who are unable to access digital learning as there is a laptop loan scheme in place.
If parents/carers would like a member of the Lifelong learning team to make direct contact please e-mail edlifelong@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk

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