Diary Dates

We are delighted to announce that West Hill has been awarded the National Nurturing Schools Programme Award. Here are some of the quotes from Nurture Uk which demonstrate how we embed the Six Principles of Nurture in everything we do:

“The social and emotional needs of the children are paramount at West Hill. High priority is given to this area
and is supported by the school’s vision and mission which states: West Hill is a welcoming, inclusive
community school with children who thrive, a committed staff and a dedicated Governing Body.”

“Children at West Hill are strongly encouraged to develop responsibility for themselves, building resilience and
self-efficacy are at the school’s foundations. Self-efficacy and responsibility are encouraged through growth
mind-set, the class charters, school mottos, school council and house teams.”

“The school ‘nurtures’ the parents by offering coffee mornings every Wednesday morning 9-10, they are invited
to assemblies led by classes and parent workshops which are focused on upskilling parents to help them
support their children’s learning. Parents are offered a variety of opportunities to speak with teachers such as
drop-off and pick- up times, parents evenings or specifically arranged meetings.”

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