Diary Dates

Pupil Voice

At West Hill we have an active School Council who meets regularly to discuss issues raised in class. This could be a discussion about anything from school clubs to anti bullying.

We also ask pupils to complete a pupil questionnaire once a year in the spring or summer term so that they can feedback their experience of their school year and the Senior Leadership Team can reflect on their responses for future practice.

Here is some of the school council feedback on lunch times:

Rules – Everyone should have a shared understanding of Rules & Consequences (what would warrant a sanction?) with consistency among all teachers.

There is a  a different approach to playtimes in Key Stage 2. Would like more choice of equipment or activities.

Feeling safe and trusted to tell adults – Would like more supervision of the quiet areas, closer supervision of 4 Square as children cheat when the adults move away.

Children like the nature area.

Purposeful use of equipment – Children are not sure how to play with some of the equipment.