Diary Dates

West Hill is a welcoming, inclusive community school with children who thrive, a committed staff and a dedicated Governing Body. Everything we do at West Hill is based on the three pillars of Nurture & Inclusivity, Creativity & Curiosity and Performance & Progress

Nurture & Inclusivity.

The whole staff at West Hill work together to develop a school that is nurturing and inclusive. At West Hill we aim for all children to reach their full potential. We provide an environment where children feel happy, safe and valued.

Creativity & Curiosity.

The curriculum is creative and fosters curiosity and a love of learning at all ages. Our curriculum offer is wide and creative and includes music, art, design technology, cookery, humanities, sciences, drama, outside learning and physical education. Having a ‘growth mind-set’ and never giving up is at the heart of everything we do.

Performance & Progress.

We ensure that all children reach their full potential.
Children at West Hill make excellent progress. The proportion of pupils achieving Greater Depth has increased over the last 3 years to 2020, with Writing showing the most substantial increase.

West Hill Stories

Nuture & Inclusivity

We expect everyone to be safe, respectful and kind to each other and have ‘lovely lunchtimes’.

At lunchtime children come from their classes in ‘family groups’ so arrival in the lunch hall is lovely and calm.

After lunch has been eaten we want everyone to be engaged and enjoy their break from lessons so the playgrounds are divided up into different zones where every child can choose an activity to take part in. They can play different games, for example giant chess or snakes and ladders, dress up, play with bubbles or take part in a creative activity on our bus.

Creativity & Curiosity

We love art at West Hill and have an Art Festival every year.

Every pupil from Nursery to Year 6 gets involved in a fantastically creative week of construction, painting, drawing and designing. We choose a different theme every year, so this year it was all about Spanish art and every child in the school created something special.

Once everything had been completed it was displayed in a special art exhibition to which parents were invited to enjoy with their children after school.

Performance & Progress

We are part of a wonderful community at West Hill.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have received donations of laptops and desktops from Power to Connect, Wimbledon Dons, Emanuel School and Powder White.

Their donations have enabled us to support every child who needed it to get online, connect, learn and progress.